Process Of Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a common process for removal of damaged veins. Like, no matter for which body part a particular vein belongs, this is a magical and safest treatment and can remove any kind of vein from any part of body. Basically, sometimes due to abnormal cholesterol profile, there can be a problem of blood clotting which would results in spider veining. In such situations, no other treatment can do the needful except sclerotherapy Melbourne. In past times let’s say in late 80’s, one can notice that usually people showed much reluctance if they had to treat their demolished or cluster veins. This was because at that time technology was not that much advanced. But in these days, everyone knows that medical science has flourished dramatically in every country or state and by virtue of that, people usually regard this treatment as an ordinary therapy.  Before dealing with its process, precautions and reasons of opting this treatment, it is also advisable to take a short look on some precautionary measures which can easily curtail the chances of spider veining in a body. These precautions involve a) regular workout b) opting a healthy diet and life style c) visiting a doctor at earliest stages of blood clotting etc.


People sometimes confuse this process with difficult surgical treatments. Their attention should be drawn here that it is not a surgical treatment. In this therapy, an injection is injected around the clotted vein and after sometimes, cluster of blood in muscles and veins would be vanished. Also, this injection would remove the complete blood flow from a damaged vein and so, it would be then very easy to remove a destructed vein. From this process, one can easily ascertain that it is hundred percent natural and do not involve any kind of laser or application of surgical equipment.

Pre-conditions of the treatment

It would be strange to note that this blissful treatment also deals with eligibility criteria of a patient. For example, a pregnant lady can never opt this treatment during her pregnancy. Similarly, age factor also matters. It would be very fatal to apply sclerotherapy to infants or very old people. Also, one should have to consider its past medical history. For example, if one had undergone with complex surgical treatments or laser treatments in recent years, it is advisable to first consult your family doctor before taking any decision.


Briefly speaking, it is safe and natural treatment which does not involve much post treatment restriction. Also, it is not a painful process. The main thing is that your doctor or medical practitioner should be very proficient and specialist. This is because as far as any kind of medical treatment is concerned, no one can deny that skills and expertise of your medical practitioner is most paramount thing to ponder. See this post to find out more details.