Importance Of Trees For The Planet

tree hazard assessment

Trees and plants play a vital role in the smooth running of the society and a large number of plants and trees are necessary to maintain the health of a particular ecosystem. In addition to this, plants and trees provide much valuable oxygen as well as filtering out carbon dioxide from the environment which can help reduce the effects of climate change and global warming. This means that trees and plants play a vital role in ensuring the health of the ecosystem of various different places and can also help reduce the climate emergency affects that we are in right now. This means that plants and trees need to be adequately looked after so that their health can be maintained. Sometimes, plants and trees can result in different hazards being formed because of their large size or destruction to basic civic facilities such as water distribution networks and electricity distribution networks. This destruction can cause a large amount of damage to both infrastructure as well as other plants and humans in a particular area. This is why a tree hazard assessment needs to be carried out so that the hazard that is associated with the presence of a particular plant or tree can be identified and suitable remedial measures can be taken so that the hazard is eliminated or the probability of that hazard occurring becomes extremely low.

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