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Our environment is rife with toxins and pollutants. These man-made chemicals are now considerably more common than they were a century ago; they can be found in almost everything we touch, including our water, soil, food, and air. Chemical-filled bath products are used to shave, smell pleasant, soften our skin, treat acne, and other things. We acquire viruses and parasites that live in our bodies via the food we eat and the environment. We consume products containing mercury, lead, and other lethal heavy metals every day, which causes us to ingest these toxins.

How may we be of assistance?

The importance of maintaining a stunning, healthy smile throughout one’s life can’t be overstated. We think a gorgeous grin boosts your spirits and instils confidence in you. Additionally, we are aware that maintaining your smile by seeing a dentist in Coolangatta results in a healthier and happier life. A balanced lifestyle, managing a decent work/life balance, stress management, proper diet and nutrition, and detoxification are the foundations for achieving your health goals. We provide a variety of tweed heads dental services and cutting-edge medical procedures that we may customise to your particular needs in order to help you accomplish your overall health objectives. Leading a balanced lifestyle that includes a decent work/life balance, stress management, proper diet and nutrition, detoxification, and exercise is key to maintaining optimal health.  Understanding the connection between your internal physical health and the effects it has on your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing is a process of self-education. Tweedshead Dental can help you achieve your health objectives by providing a variety of expert, holistic, and integrative health services to locate, stop, and get rid of the disease’s underlying causes.

  • Shiatsu therapy
  • diet and nutrition
  • detoxification techniques
  • anti-parasite medications, and pregnancy care
  • Massage treatments
  • Energy Therapy
  • Coaching in integrative natural health and lifestyle

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The number of dentists in our national dental network has increased from the original few in Coolangatta to more than 3,000 in all Australian states and territories. We don’t take it as a surprise that we have more than 1,000,000 subscribers and are Australia’s best dental insurance.

Maintaining simplicity

The goal of Tweed Heads Dental Cover is to keep things straightforward by capping and reducing dental prices at Tweed Bano Dental Clinics at each visit. No waiting, no restrictions, no limits, no increase in the annual cover charge, no filing claims, no ambiguity… starting at just $79 per year. Dental coverage has entered a new era!

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By lowering the cost of dental insurance, we hope to assist you and your loved ones in reducing the risk of chronic illnesses linked to poor oral health and achieving a beautiful smile for life. But to get the news out, we need your assistance. Inform your relatives and friends that by working together, we can keep everyone’s smiles intact.