Types Of Civil Engineers

When it comes to civil engineer workers, it’s one of the oldest engineering. Which basically dates backs to thousands of years. However, the civil engineer work was only introduce in the 18th century. Through all these years, civil engineers have helped shaped some of the best infrastructures. Basically modern life will be boring if it wasn’t for these engineers. These engineers are qualified in planning, designing, supervising and constructing and maintaining bridges, airports, roads, power plants, water supply and sewage systems. They basically have to consider whole lot of things when it comes to planning these huge projects. From the cost for the construction to rules and regulation from the government and natural hazards such as, hurricanes and earthquakes. These engineers also have to be specialized in ground water, soil and energy development as well. These civil engineers focus more on the engineering practice to make sure that the natural environment is also properly maintained while meeting the future generation needs. Below are some of the engineers you will come across.

Engineers for soil types.

One of the civil engineering type is the GeoTechinal engineers. They are specialized in checking soil types. They basically have to determine the soil type when it comes for building footing and they also have to design retaining walls. They basically have to study the soil and the rocks underneath that might affect the entire construction. They are also concerned on how these huge structures will withstand when it comes for natural disasters.

Engineers to control the use of water

When it comes to a project that’s relatable to water use, its always best to go for a consulting engineer. However hydraulic engineer Sydney are much in to controlling the water use, in places like canals and piers. Which will also include how to control a flood and soil drainage as well. These engineers have to basically calculate the water levels and the flow and how this will affect the project as well.

Engineers for planning and design

Structural engineers basically take over planning and designing the project. They will oversea different kind of structures such as bridges, huge building and even tunnels. They basically have to calculate the stresses, pressures of each part of the structure it will experience during the life span.

Engineers for transport system

These engineers are one of the most engineers of all time. Transportation Engineers focus designing and developing surface transportation. These projects will include transportation for airports, rail lines, highways and bridges.